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    To begin, I just want to thank you SO much for providing any type of support and dropping by to learn about Texas 4000- it means the world. My name is Isabel Yang, born and raised in Houston (Go 'stros!), and the oldest of three girls. My passions include running, hiking, quilting/sewing, reading, attempting to beat my siblings in board games and cheering for the Green Bay Packers. 

UT-wise, I am very into anything science and law based: a copy editor at the Daily Texan, a volunteer phlebotomist at a local non-profit clinic, a barista at Summer moon, an Ignite counselor. The Austin Stone Church is also a big part of my life, so much of my joy comes from growing in Christ! 

Most days, you can find me in Austin at a library or a coffee shop- I am a caffeine fiend! However, during the fall, your best bet would be seeking me out in a crowd of thousands,or tracking me down to a random city rooting for the best football team in the world- the Texas Longhorns.
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    Yanxiang Lin

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    Hi Isabel Yang, I am really inspired by your spirit for supporting the cancer patients by this hard work you are going to do. It is not easy to ride a bicycle from Austin to Alaska, for this Ling distance. I wish all the best in your journey! Be safe and enjoy your riding!

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    Crystal Rosenthal

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    Good luck, Isabel!

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    Isabel Yang

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    Kristan Schiele

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    Hi Isabel, Way to go, QED’er!

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    Joshua Yap

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    Best of luck on the ride, Isabel! Enjoy and cherish it, especially all the people you meet along the way. There can be no mountains without valleys!

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    Susanna says Hello! Enjoy the Ride!

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About Isabel Yang

My name is Isabel Yang and I am a current soon-to-be sophomore undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, double majoring in Chemistry and Government- hoping to pursue an MD-PhD, then specialize in some form of pediatric care and research. I have always had a passion for health, justice, and joy. 

To me, life is all about unabashed determination, whether that means marathon running or helping out at my local hospital that targets pediatric oncology, or being Miss Izzy the camp counselor who can’t griddy (a new generation TikTok dance move that involves a fluidity in movement that I seemingly lack). For those who know me, I am typically described with the two big H’s of my life: headstrong and happy. 

I have always been a champion of opportunity, living as a light, and all things health. Having heard stories of my late grandmother and the light she brought to the world, yet never meeting her because of her illness always brought a sense of helplessness within me. My aunts, who never informed me of their diagnoses until I was "old enough to carry the burden" of having to come to terms with not only losing family but also taking on more roles in life, have always been an emblem of steadfast resilience. 

In a world today where we have so much wariness, I hope to bike to Alaska to aid in taking away even a bit of uncertainty through funding cancer research. I hope to help those in situations having been diagnosed and to help loved ones around them not feel as helpless- to know that there can be and there is a solution. I hope to never have anyone feel what I have felt- loss of possibility. I hope that I can contribute to increasing the amount of people who have exposure to cancer research and are able to participate in trials, getting the help that they need- never limited by lack of medical knowledge or reach. 

Hope is so powerful, and I want hope, JOY, and peace to resonate within everyone that I interact with and ride for! Supporting Texas 4000 means being a optimist, it means seeing a light, it means expanding knowledge and charity even in the hardest of hills. So, I ride hoping that the physical challenge, though uncomparable with the journey of battling cancer, inspires and allows others to know that they have a force of support, faith, and love behind them. 

To Alaska with joy and unabandoned determination! 
Isabel Yang | Nehemiah 8:10