Joshua Bedingfield

Joshua Bedingfield / 2024 Team Fundraising

I am biking 4000 miles from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AL in the summer of 2024 to raise money and awareness for cancer research and support services in memory of my sister Katie Bedingfield.
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    Dorothy Mahoney

    $103.20 / 7 days ago

    Good luck Josh. We’re behind you all the way! The Sweeneys

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    Thomas Miale

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    Martha Sandia

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    Matheo Hayek

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    Debby Bedingfield

    $103.20 / 19 days ago

    Have a great ride. We are very proud of you!

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    Jim Bedingfield

    $103.20 / 19 days ago

    Donated from the Duff family - of Reading MA. Many thanks to Kate and Family!! Josh, Jim and the Bedingfield family

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    Jill Goldstone

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    O'Connor Family Fund

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    Caroline Grayson

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    John Grayson

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    Good luck, and safe journeys!

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    Hannah Grayson

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    Garrett Grant

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    You're doing an amazing thing and it's a wonderful tribute to Katie's memory.

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    Ryan Cunningham

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    Christina OConnor

    $50.00 / 86 days ago

    Liz, Chloe, & I (in addition to the rest of your family and friends) couldn't be prouder!! Love you, rooting for you as always, and looking forward to seeing updates about the ride. Have the best time and know Katie would be so proud of you, too! iVamos, Josh!!!! Love ya, La Cristi

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    Danielle Clark

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    Cameron Russell

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    Cobi Frongillo

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    Michaella Estevez

    $50.00 / 86 days ago

    You got this, Josh!! Your drive and dedication is inspiring 🫶

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    Mathew Huang

    $206.40 / 109 days ago

    Best of luck from the Huang family

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    Kelly Bedingfield

    $5,000.00 / 110 days ago

    Josh, I’m so proud of you, and I know Katie is too!

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    John Grayson

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    Melissa Morrison-Ellis

    $103.20 / 135 days ago

    I can't imagine how proud your sister must be for your commitment and dedication to this phenomenal cause. Praying for your safety and continued strength. May her sweet spirit carry you through every mile.

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    Thomas Sumner

    $20.58 / 161 days ago

    Go get ‘em JB! Sumner family has your back!

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    Cheyenne Ahamed

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About Joshua Bedingfield

Cancer sucks. It really does. So, the question is: How can we help the long journey of cure(s) - for those we love? Cancer has affected my family and loved ones ever since I can remember, so I am fervently passionate about fighting it. Here’s why I’m riding to Alaska - to advocate for cancer prevention and cures.

In October 2018, having just turned 16, my parents told me my sister Katie was diagnosed with a diffuse midline Glioma (DMG) and an H3K27M gene mutation. The terminology sounded like gibberish to someone not an oncologist, but translating all this language was urgent, terrible, and scary. At the time, Katie was just 20 years old, in her junior year at the University of Maryland She was an incredible, caring, and passionate person that showed the world what it means to be kind. She was a leader on campus, heavily involved in service to others, and had a higher-level mature soul. However, her brain cancer diagnosis was far more profound than medical jargon - she had inoperable, terminal brain cancer with a 6-month life expectancy.

And so, her (& our) journey began. She was an absolute rockstar - a real fighter. She lived her life, cared for her loved ones, and showed love for all around her, even in the darkest of moments. She lived with cancer far longer than her original diagnosis through her strength and drive. I wish I could be half as strong as she was.

With cancer, she accomplished so much and helped so many people. She worked research in oncology labs at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical school. She spent as much time with her family and loved ones as she could. She graduated college two and a half years after diagnosis, two months before she passed. She even asked for donations to brain tumor research and Massachusetts General Hospital for her birthday. Perhaps her most significant contribution was volunteering for a Chemo trial to advance DMG cures, knowing it would help others in time as she fought terminal cancer.

We lost Katie to cancer on July 10th, 2021. I am riding for her and everyone who had the privilege of knowing Katie - and wants to help this fight.

While I mainly ride for my sister, I also ride for others affected by cancer. I ride for my Grandpa, Frank Bedingfield, my Grandpa Donald Coolican, my dog Gator, Gracie Bowen, Owen Magoon’s mom, Joe Merickle’s dad, John Bunge’s mom, Roshan Abraham’s brother, Blake Boren’s dad. Ethan Maloney’s mom, and Davis Evan’s aunt. I ride for those yet to be diagnosed - hoping we can all do our part.

To Alaska - LET’S GO! - please join me in funding the fight against cancer - to help our loved ones. Josh Bedingfield